Private English Guided Tour

Private English Guided Tour
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Kyoto Private Guide!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kyoto Ramen Koji, All Ramen Noodle Floor!

Arrive at Kyoto before/around Noon?

Enjoy quick lunch at Kyoto station.

There are many restaurants here and there at Kyoto station, but almost all are fully packed during lunch time, you would be feeling exhauted to see a long queue.

Are you interested in "Ramen Noodle"? I think Ramen restaurant is the best choice to have a quick lunch.

We Japanese like Ramen very much. :)

There is a famous floor at Kyoto station, all about
"Ramen" restaurants called "Ramen-Koji (street)"

It's on 10th floor of Kyoto Isetan Department Store. There are 7 different Ramen restaruants along with a coffee cafe. Each restaurant is featured with famous Ramen Brand throughout Japan like from Sapporo in Hokkaido through Hakata in Kyushu.
(open 11am - 22pm, last order is 21:30pm)

Sumire (すみれ) from Sapporo

Featured Soup - Miso ・・・ Thick Soup from fish, pork bone and vegitables
Recommend : Miso Ramen - 900yen  Click

TETSU (つけめんTetsu) from Tokyo

Featured Soup - Special Dipping Type ・・・ Pork bone based thick soup mixed with Bonito based fish broth.

Enjoy rich flavor of fish! Soup and noodle is served separately. Dip the noodle into the soup and eat.
Recommend: Hiyamori - 800yen  Click

I like "Tonkotsu Ramen", so I've tried Hakata Ikkousha(博多一幸舎) before starting the tour.

The soup is milky and smooth with a strong Tonkotsu flavor. It doesn't contain any raw smell of the pork, and they will only use the pork’s bones to boil the soup without the fat.
This is Ajitama-Negi-Chashu-Men 1050yen. Served with 4 pcs of very soft sliced pork called "Chash". You can order "Negi-Chashu-Men" without egg if you don't like egg.

With Australian couple

With Italian couple

Before join the queue, you need to buy the ticket in advance.  
(You can use only 1000yen bill, not 5000yen or 10,000yen bill)

Elevator of department store is very crowded, so why don't you enjoy taking open-air stairs just next to the building to go up onto the 10th floor.

Dai-Kaidan (big stairs) of Kyoto Eki-Bilu
This huge stairs is one of the MUST attraction to enjoy the view of the whole Eki-Bilu, kyoto station building! :)

Enjoyed your food? Okay, now let's start the tour from Kyoto station!! Where would you like to go? :)