Gold Highlight Tour!

Gold Highlight Tour!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Day Tour - Fushimi Inari & Nara

Here is my guide plan for Fushimi Inari and Nara area

In the morning from Kyoto station

Fushimi Inari Shrine Let's walk through thousands of torii gates!

Have you seen the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha", or SAYURI in Japanese title?

There is a scene where a girl runs through numerous red torii gates. The scene was shot at this shrine. (the meaning of Geisha is now quite different from the days, though, almost 100years ago...)

Fushimi Inari shrine is very traditional, more than a thousand-year history.

There are actually about 10,000 torii gates, and each torii has been donated by merchants who wish for success and prosperity.

Another famous story of Inari shrine is those tons of stone foxes!

Not only perched purposefully on either side of torii gate, but you would be amazed to see them here and there.

Because they are the revered spirit in Japan, this perky-eared messengers of the rice goddess enshrined within the shrine.

Why don't you say hello to them. Each fox has a uniqe design and posture! But don't dare to count all of foxes one by one... you can't get back to your ryokan within the day! haha :D

If you want to go through all of the whole mountain, it will take a few hous and a lot of energy (a pathway wanders 4km up the mountain)

But just passing through the tunnel of gates would be taken you into a mysterious world.

In the afternoon from JR Inari station

Nara area After a peasant day hike at Fushimi Irari shrine, Let's head for Nara!

From JR Inari sta. it takes just an hour to Nara sta. in the same Nara line. (change into Express train at Rokujizo sta.)

Todaiji Nigatsudo

Todaiji Nanbutsuden

Todaiji Daibutsu

Bambi~~~ Cute!!!

Deer comfortably resting at Nara park

They are always hungry...